About Us


Realizing the need for various specialized nursing care of patients discharged from healthcare facilities back to their homes and communities, GentleNurse Infusion 101 was founded in 2017 as a compassionate on demand nursing organization to provide the needed services. The goal of this private organization is to provide tender and respectful one-on-one nursing care along with complex therapies prescribed by physicians to patients of all ages.

As the struggles for coverage of healthcare benefits through health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and private insurance companies continue, the treatments of patients who require specialized and intricate medical care have gradually become the responsibility of the patients themselves or their loving family members. These obligations can place surmountable pressure on patients and family members. GentleNurse Infusion101 aims to decrease the anxiety involved with specialized treatment and increase optimal outcomes by providing these clinical treatments for patients.

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of nursing care and treatment in collaboration with primary physicians and pharmacists. GentleNurse Infusion101 aims to provide the needed clinical support to patients and their family members throughout the treatment process, and to cultivate a nurturing environment that promotes healing, positive thinking, feeling of security, and best outcomes.