Dialysis is a process that copies the function of the kidney in patients who, due to chronic disease or acute injury, can no longer perform these tasks on their own. Filtration and elimination of wastes in the body is usually the kidney’s responsibility but in hemodialysis, a man-made membrane called the dialyzer (in other words, an artificial kidney) is necessary for the waste removal. The dialyzer is hooked up to a machine through tubes/lines connected to the main blood vessels of the body, allowing the blood to be filtered through it and eliminating the waste.

Patients needing dialysis require frequent treatment – at least three times a week. Conventionally, the dialysis procedure is done in a hospital or specialized clinic/dialysis center. After treatment, patients can become very tired & lethargic and can experience a drop in blood pressure, shortness of breath, abdominal or muscular cramps, and nausea & vomiting. As a result, patients need to be escorted home after completion of the procedure.

In-home dialysis is now possible and offers a more preferable alternative to hospital visits. Often, the responsibility of following the treatment plan is left up to the patient and/or family members. With the frequency and special medical equipment the treatment requires, in-home dialysis can be complicated and intimidating to an elderly patient or family member with no medical experience. The stressors associated with in-home dialysis often contribute to increased anxiety and decreased compliance which negatively impacts the desired treatment outcomes.

GentleNurse Infusion 101 provides a caring, professional, and knowledgeable alternative to self-treatment. We perform dialysis within a comfortable and convenient environment within patients’ own homes or offices maintaining peace of mind and dignity.

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