Frequently Asked Questions

What is intravenous (IV) infusion?

IV infusion is the delivery of medication, vitamins, and intralipids in liquid form directly into the circulatory system or veins.

What clients/patients require IV infusions?

Patients seeking IV infusions include:

  • those who are receiving medications like chemotherapies or who are looking for an alternative to oral medications
  • those who suffer from anemia, sickle cell disease, infertility, or other medical conditions
  • those who are interested in immediate vitamin boosts (such as celebrities or athletes)

Do I need a doctor’s order for infusion and injection therapies?

In most cases, the answer is yes.

How are medications/vitamins obtained?

Medications and vitamins are obtained from specialty or local pharmacies via a doctor’s order.

Is dialysis allowed in a patient’s home?

Yes. Patients may discuss their preference of having in-home dialysis with their physicians and pharmacies.

can my Health Insurances carriers pay for these services?

Yes and no:
Some of our services may be covered by third party if the specialty pharmacy has a contract with us. If services are not covered, then patients/clients are responsible to pay privately for services.